Saturday, 3 March 2012

How to connect a wireless router to another router

Ok, so I got my new 2.4/5ghz Virgin Media Super Hub yesterday. I wanted to use the 5ghz mode for my Xbox and new laptop, faster speeds and less interference. The only problem then was my older laptop, iPhone and wireless cameras don't see the new Super hub.  They are all on the 2.4ghz b/g wireless system.

I still had the old Netgear b/g wireless router so I decided to use both!
Here's what to do...

Connect to the main router by Ethernet cable (the one that will be connected to the modem)

Click 'Start'

Type 'cmd' in the box at the bottom and click the cmd icon at the top of the search.

In the command window type 'ipconfig' and hit enter.

Notice the 'Defult Gateway' ip address - Write this down!

Disconnect that router and connect the other one.

When connected type 'ipconfig' again.

Notice the 'Defult Gateway' ip address - Write this down again!

Now open your browser and type in that ip address.

Log into your router and navigate to the 'Lan Setup'

All routers are slightly different but have more or less the same options.

In the lan settings you need to change the ip address of the router.
The first 3 parts of this new ip (192.168.0.***) need to be the same as the main router's ip.  Then change the last part to a high number.  I use 200 (
The next thing is to turn off DHCP Server.  This function is going to be served by the main router now and there can be only 1 DHCP Server.

Make sure wireless is all set up on this router and then save the settings.

Thats it!

Plug the second router into the main router, DO NOT USE THE WAN PORT.
Just use one of the normal ports on both routers.

Turn both routers off for a few seconds and then back on.


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